How To Communicate Effectively With “Annoying” Employees

We all have those people in our life who drive us up a wall. They make choices we don’t understand and they do things that seem nonsensical. More importantly, they are annoying because they are not like us. We cannot comprehend what leads them to act the way they do or what drives their seemingly bizarre decisions.

For entrepreneurs and business leaders, effective leadership is about learning how to deal with all types of personalities — even the annoying ones. If we could better understand people’s “annoying” choices and behaviors — motivated by where they’re coming from or what they value – they would become far less annoying.

The truth is, everyone has their own Value Language – i.e., what drives someone to make life choices, what gets…



How To Find The Right Venture Capitalist For Your StartUp

This is one match that’s certainly not made in heaven — you’ve got to toil and woo several partners to finally arrive at one that best understands you and your business, and is ready to commit to you in the long term.

I’m talking, of course, about your relationship with a venture capitalist. You’ve probably heard grieving entrepreneurs who, after signing the dotted line, are quite unhappy throughout the relationship with their investors.

But there’s nothing wrong with the..


The 4 Major Categories Of Business Website Treffic, Explained

In a recent article on the 3 causes of marketing failure, I explained that your business marketing efforts fail when you don’t get enough traffic, or enough conversions, or when you aren’t properly tracking your return on investment (ROI). We refer to Traffic, Conversion and Tracking as “The 3 Pillars” because you really need all 3 in place to profit over the long term.

But now, I want to talk about how you can get more web traffic, which is a key aspect of any…

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Laws For Creating An Effective Personal Brand

1. You are always being watched. Act accordingly.


Job Hunting? 5 Tips To Prepare Your Social Profiles For Employers’

No matter your state of employment, even when you’re not actively in search of a job, your resume needs to stay in tip-top shape. That resume isn’t just on paper, it’s online too — because companies are increasingly more likely to peruse your profiles, your social media accounts are the true first impression.

Whether you’re content in your current position or the owner of your own business, having an accurate and professional social presence will allow you to develop your brand, get the attention of prospective employers and clients, and maintain your reputation within your industry. Here’s how to do so:….


Must-Read StartUp Tips For Young Brands [GEN]

Must-Read StartUp Tips For Young Brands [GEN]

Everyone wants a “startup” these days. Everyone wants to be a “founder” with little more than a concept, an LLC filing, some Web real estate, and a dream. But how do you really get it done? In early stage brand building, traction is king.

You’ve likely seen the HBO Series “How To Make It in America.” It chronicles the story of two co-founders and their group of friends. There is luck, drama, rejection, implied success, real success, good marketing, poor marketing, and more…

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Tips For Integrating Social Media Into Your Next Business Event

I remember my first exposure to the world of event marketing. I was interning at a record label in New York in 2001 and I was tasked to comb the Harlem neighborhood surrounding the then-hot restaurant/lounge Jimmy’s Uptown with promotional flyers. There was a young R&B singer by the name of John Stephens (better known as John Legend) set to perform that night, and label management wanted to….

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